Ode to Ophelia

Throughout this blog I’ve talked about Emerson’s flu, her struggles, our relationship, her Christmas gifts, her school, her well being, etc… Did I ever mention I have another child? The little fuzzy one in the background of all the photos, looking silly? Did I mention she had the flu too? And that she celebrated her first birthday since I’ve started this blog? A thus far undocumented birthday.

A rushed birthday celebration that we sandwiched in between holiday preparations. (Her birthday was the day before Thanksgiving this year) Here she is taking a bite of her last minute, throw-together carrot cake. Click the photo, then on to the turkey…I am a second child too, so you would think I’d try to compensate for it, but I don’t. Teeth show up in her mouth without me realizing it. I don’t have a sheet of paper on the fridge (and subsequently for her baby book – what baby book?) with all her first words. Her early life is not overly documented via photos or videos. I think I even said to my brother one time after setting Ophelia on the kitchen floor – with no toys – “don’t step on Ophelia.” But is any of this really a bad thing? I turned out ok. And my brother – frankly – is insane. Self-proclaimed, and in a good way most of the time, but insane just the same. And don’t take my word for it, just look at this photo of him with my niece (also a second born)…
Anyway, I have no doubts that Ophelia is doing fine. I do feel guilty about her getting lost in the shuffle a lot of the time, but I think the benefit that her life is not overly scrutinized (as Emerson’s still is – poor Emerson)

balances out the score. Ophelia is perfectly happy to toddle about entertaining herself. She’s into everything all the time in a way that Emerson never was, and is a lot more physically able and determined than Emerson was. It’s amazing to have two children who are so different in every way, but not surprising, and it is great the way they complement each other. And although Ophelia often times seems to be in charge, she loves her big sister, and wants to emulate her every move.
Ophelia has a sweet side. She loves babies.
And books. “Eeh?” is her favorite thing to say, which means -do this for me. Read me a book, hold my hand, turn me around, give me a cracker. And she’s always in motion. Here she comes with a book…
She’s a sweetie, and she’s bright,
but mostly, she’s just plain FUNNY. She’s so funny and crazy with her noises and her big belly and her stomping around. We thought Emerson was silly, but no one tops Ophelia in this category.

She’s our goofy little baby, who has turned into a toddler overnight. Her silliness is now balanced with tantrums, and she likes to be in the middle of everything. She’s no longer content to sit on the sidelines. She’s making her presence felt, and I’m excited to see who she will become over the next year. We love you Ophelia! We’re so lucky you’re here!


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