Counting the days until Christmas – or something of the sort. That’s the nice thing about having two little ones who haven’t yet been corrupted – and hopefully never will – into thinking Christmas is about one day, or about presents. It used to drive me crazy when people would put up their Christmas trees on Thanksgiving, inflate huge Santa balloons in their front yards when leaves were still on the ground. Actually, I still think it’s ridiculous, BUT I have changed my point of view enough to understand these peoples’ sentiment. Christmastime is awesome, and you just want to make it last as long as you can. And we did. (We still have our tree up – even now)

We even got to have an ADULT dinner
and a fancy dress partyAnd making, making, makingEven Matty joined in the fun and made a centerpiece.

We’ll never put up on our tree on Thanksgiving, or put huge ugly balloons on our yard, but we’ll always start listening to Christmas music in November, and keep listening to it into January. And maybe the more we try to more we’ll get this feeling to last all year long. Or maybe we’ll just be excited for next December to come along…


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