A Rainy Week

The other day, as I sat on the back deck soaking up the afternoon sun, I did something I try to remember to do often, but just as often forget:  I looked up.  (Seeing the physical world from a different perspective, especially through the eyes of a child is always something I strive for in my busy life…)  And there were the branches above me, not yet in full leaf, but pretty close.  I sat and stared for a while, watching them sway and trying to remember what they had looked like just a few weeks ago – dark and skeletal against a colorless winter sky.

The sun was glinting through so perfectly, and the photo-op was there.  But I let it pass me by.  I just sat and looked, and looked some more.

A few days later, I took this photo, for which the light was not as great, but I’m glad I did, because after that it started raining…

and raining and raining.  All week long it rained, and by the time it stopped, the leaves were out.  Everything was suddenly bigger.
I’ve enjoyed this spring tremendously.  It feels like the most “springy” spring we’ve had in a while.  One that didn’t boast summer temperatures and had the proper balance of sun and rain.  It was nice to stoke up the stove for a few final days, and let the oven and the smells of spring fruit baking warm our souls.

 And luckily for us – we had rented a wood splitter for one day only- the sun came out over the weekend.
We need to get that wood seasoned, and this is the future site of the kids’ swing, so…

But something about the day – I don’t know if it was the mosquitoes or the rediscovery of the “game closet” – found us spending much of the sunny weekend inside.

Outside in the rain, inside in the sun.  I guess we’re just funny that way…

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