Surveying the Damage

What we lost:

Everything in our chest freezer.  All the long days and late nights we put into picking, chopping, blending, and freezing and all the excitement we had thinking about the dark days in winter when those summer flavors would taste so good, have – quite literally – melted away.  It is such bitter irony that the same temperatures which caused us to freeze our arses off were just high enough to wreak havoc on our food stores in the next room over.  This afternoon I bought produce at a grocery store for the first time in…I don’t even remember when the last time was.  Honestly, it was depressing.  But at least it wasn’t a bumper crop (the hurricane and heavy rains in the spring took care of that), and we’ll find a way to work around it.  We’ve still got our canned stuff, lots of fermented goods, and a nice winter farmer’s market.  (And a pressure canner has just moved to the top of my Christmas list…)

What we found:

After throwing everything in our refrigerator away (far fewer emotions here) we were left with these four items.  Not such bad things to be left with when you really think about it…

Not bad at all.

(After waiting for the downed trees and electrical wires to be cleared from the roads, the kids were finally able to trick-or-treat tonight!  Not quite the same as doing it on Halloween itself, but a celebration just the same.  And in light of this celebration, I think I’ll wait and survey the damage on our bank account tomorrow…)


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