It seems like every New Year brings the promise of a new way of doing things, a new way of being you, and new life.  I mentioned a few years ago in my New Year blog that as an adult I’ve come to realize that although we can promise ourselves these new beginnings, true beginnings can happen at any moment, any time of the year, and that New Year’s resolutions seem flimsy when compared to true passions that take time and will to cultivate.

In spite of this, or maybe someplace in line with this, I’ve resolved myself to an ideal this year.  At a time when everyone is promising more excercise, more organization, more projects, more money, more travel, more adventure, my resolution is…less.  Less of what, exactly, I’m not sure yet, but I have a feeling if I hold it as a mantra for myself this coming year, I will find that more comes more easily not when it is sought after, but when it is given a space to enter.  The sprit of 2012, for me, is to create this space.

So I guess I began with less photographs.  Not always, but at least on New Year’s Eve.  I did take a bunch of photos in the early part of the evening, but for the most part, my camera stayed on the shelf. 

Already there was more.  More dancing in a garage with the music thumping and the strobe light flashing.  More appreciation of my friend’s ridiculous New Year’s hat being cast in shadow on the concrete wall. 

More time to close my eyes and feel like I was in my twenties.  More time to open them and realize I was much happier right now, right here.


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