Who Is Coming To Our House?


“Someone, someone,” says Mouse.

I bought this book when Emerson was a toddler because of its simplicity (both words and images), and it’s still a favorite at our house at Christmas-time.  It is a board book, and although I generally don’t like board books, this is an exception, as I think the clear illustrations (they look like wood-cuts, but I may be wrong) and simple poem are perfect for little hands, eyes, and ears.  Ophelia loves to look at this one by herself and “read” it to others–the rhythm of the poem makes it easy for pre-readers to memorize.

Along with being esthetically pleasing, I also chose this book way back when because I was looking for a way to slowly introduce the story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus in a way that was meaningful for a young child, and what better way to do that than through animals.  Here, the animals of the stable are cleaning and preparing for the arrival of Mary and Joseph, all the while wondering who these people are and if they will really come.  The story is written in poem, and held together by the gentle, assuring refrain, “someone, someone,” says Mouse.








Animals and babies–what could be sweeter?


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